We are building vessels with “Usuki Technology”

Head Office & Factory

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Head office and factory location Oita ken Usuki-shi oaza itachiya 1-banchi 12
ACCESS MAP 3 minutes walk from JR Usuki Station via Prefectural Route 510

Tokyo Office

Tokyo office location 〒104-0031 Tōkyō-to, Chuo City, Kyōbashi, 2-chōme-8-20
ACCESS MAPToei Asakusa Line 1 minute walk from Takaramachi Station

Message from the President

Message from the President

Our company took over the facilities, technology and human resources of Usuki Tekkoku Co., Ltd. in 1988, and was founded with the support of local political and business leaders and Kawatetsu & Steel Industries (now JFE Steel Corporation).

Since then, the vessels have built high value-added vessels such as chemical tankers, passenger ferry boats, car carriers, and frozen carriers. In the steel division, we worked on bridges, water gates and so on. Recently, due to the active chemical cargo movement, demand for chemical tankers is large, and we are continuously constructing chemical tankers.

Since our establishment, we have been focusing on research and development of ship-type, especially hybrid ship-type developed with funds of Ship and Ocean Foundation has achieved great results by adopting it to high-speed ferries. In addition, as for chemical tankers, the vessels with “usuki” have been evaluated by many ship owners as having less fuel costs.

I will continue to work on technical research, and I hope to deliver ships and steel products that will satisfy our customers.
Thank you for your continued guidance and support.

Yuichi Yamamoto President and Representative Director

-Main Ship Vessels Built Results List-

【 Chemical Tankers 】

Chemical tankers are dedicated tankers for carrying large quantities of special liquid chemical products. Special anti-corrosion measures have been taken to prevent the cargo metals from being corroded by cargo chemicals. This system is also used for high-value-added liquid chemical products in a wide variety and in small quantities.

Ship numberShip nametypeDWDelivery
1771 SUN JUPITER CHEMICAL TYPEⅡ&Ⅲ12.600 2019.6.3
CHEMICAL TYPEⅡ&Ⅲ 19.8002018.9.13
16.000 2018.6.20

and more [ List of achievements ]

【 Ferries 】

Ships are important means of transportation in Japan surrounded by the sea. Among them, an inter island ferry is a ship that regularly operates at sea and carries people, cargo, and vehicles. Currently, car ferries(RO-RO) that carry passenger cars and trucks are the mainstream.

Ship number Ship namePassengersSailing ability | GTDelivery
1783Umiterashi176 17.00kt | 1,125 2021.6.17
1782Suzukaze292 16.00kt | 1,1482021.1.20
1780BLUE LINE400 15.1kt|9812020.9.24
1779Ferry Kaihō350 19.00kt|1,1962019.6.21

and more [ List of achievements ]

Factory Equipment

Building Slipway

Ability Full length Full width
1st Building Berth 9,200 G/T139 m24 m

Crane & Machinery

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Type Ability Base
High leg jib crane 150 Ton1
High leg jib crane 60 Ton1
High leg jib crane 30 Ton1
High leg jib crane 20 Ton1
Fixed jib crane 47 Ton1
Other cranes Overhead crane, bridge crane, etc. Many
NC oxygen plasma cutting machine
Profile & Production System
Block grinding & blasting factory
3 rooms
Hydraulic press
3D CAD/CAM System GRADE/HULL( follow the external links. )Introduced to design headquarters
3D Outfitting design system Kan navi ( follow the external links. ) Introduced to design headquarters

Usuki shipyard Management table and contact information

Representative DirectorYoshikazu Tanaka
Representative Director President Yuichi Yamamoto
Director (Member of the board) Yoshio Hirose
Director (Member of the board)Shinji Sato
Director (Member of the board) Kazumasa Sakaida
Director (Member of the board) Hironori Ogata
DirectorKeiji Tanaka
DirectorYōichi Yahiro
Auditor Keisuke Ishibashi

(As of June 25, 2021)

Contact Information

Phone number Fax number
Business department Accounting department 0972-63-1019 0972-63-7797

General Affairs section 0972-63-1011
(Representative number)
※ Common to business department
Procurement department Materials section 0972-63-1012
Material control section0972-63-2559 ※ Common to procurement department
Safety and Quality Assurance department Health and safety section 0972-63-1138 0972-63-0835

Inspection section 0972-63-1138 ※ Common to safety and product inspection department

Engineering section
System management room

Sales Department

Phone number

Sales Section 0972-63-1665

After-sales service section 0972-63-1030

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